Over 20 years experience drilling solids and solids control

Helping you to control costs and optimize performance

CUTPOINT is an oilfield solids control consulting & training company located in Houston, TX. Founded by engineer and solids control expert, Mike Morgenthaler, we have served the drilling industry for more than 20 years.

All of our consultants have direct experience in drilling fluids and solids control. Cutpoint delivers information needed to control costs and optimize performance of rented drilling and solids control equipment.

Results-Driven Solids Control

We believe the only way to boost performance and reduce costs is to implement procedures and set goals based on   Results Driven   reporting of solids control and waste management services.

Our Mission

CUTPOINT’s mission is to reduce the cost of solids control operations, improve drilling fluid quality, and minimize fluid-related drilling waste.

Cutpoint works closely with well site supervisors, drilling fluid specialists, and drilling management to:

  • Standardize multi-field operations on best practices
  • Benchmark performance to KPI’s
  • Implement reporting systems that are easy to understand and review
Barrels of Oil

Reducing Costs

It’s all about decreasing the cost per foot drilled by reducing:

  • Drilling mud loss
  • Solids disposal costs
  • Wear and tear to pump and equipment caused by excessive solids