Send your Rig Superintendents to our training so that he or she will make a more informed decision about hiring solids control and avoid paying too much.

Our 2-day training includes lab work and economics of solids control.



  • There are 2 huge costs that are not being controlled – mud costs and disposal.
  • You need to know the fundamentals
  • We will help you decrease your cost per foot drilled.

Effects on Quality Control

  • Better solids is better quality control.
  • Fewer solids is mud reduces abrasion and wear and tear on other equipment.

Fantasy Solids Control “board game”

  • Breaks the monotony of conventional training methods and settings
  • “Fantasy Solids Control” is a “board game” where teams play against each other.
    • It drives home the main concepts.
    • It helps people understand that solids control can play a huge role in driving down drilling costs.

Minimize drilling mud loss

Minimize solid disposal cost

Reduce damage to pumps and equipment caused by excessive solids

Training Topics:


Fantasy Solids Control

How to Read a Mud Report

Understanding drilling fluid basics

Available Reference Material

Industry standard API reference material

Costs vs. Benefits

Calculating Losses

Calculating mud losses over solids control equipment

How the eqipment works

  • Shale shakers, screens, ad API numbers
  • Pumps and pumping
  • Decanting Centrifuges – fundamentals, single vs. dual
  • Cuttings drying equipment

Provide Solids Control “Coaching” to help your SC/WM service providers deliver uniform and consistent performance.


Results-Drive Solids Control Training Workshop

Training Registration and Information

To request more information or register for one of our upcoming training events, contact us online or call (281) 851-4300.