Our solids control consultants introduce significant – and immediately visible – cost reductions in drilling mud losses and waste management.

Solids Control Consulting Services

As your solids control consultants we assist with, or fully manage, the following:

Solids Control Coaching

Our solids control consultants provide coaching both on-site and at management level to help your solids control and/or waste management service providers deliver uniform and consistent performance.

With uniform solids control processes across your rigs — run consistently using clear and straightforward metrics — you can be certain about the accuracy of your drilling mud losses and waste disposal costs.

Evaluation of Solids Control Practices

We evaluate solids control on rigs under contract (or to be contracted) to ensure that the rig contracted will meet solids control and waste disposal specifications.

Write Procedures & Requests for Proposals (RFP’s)

Using our proven solutions combined with our consultants’ years of direct solids control experience, we write easy-to-use procedures and RFP’s so purchased and rental equipment is clearly specified and operated in a consistent way to ensure you have the correct equipment and procedures in place to meet your drilling cost goals.

  Bottom Line Cost Reductions  

At the end of the day, we understand your need to reduce your total drilling costs — to reduce your cost per foot drilled on each rig.

The primary cost reduction line items include:

  • Reduced drilling mud losses
  • Reduced diesel dilution
  • Decrease solids control rental costs
  • Decreased shale shaker screen costs

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