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Cutpoint applies the tools and technique of business analytics to eliminate guesswork when it comes to selecting solids control and drilling waste management processes. If drilling wells at absolute minimum cost is important, why overlook backyard operations? Cutpoint helps drilling managers make confident fact based decisions leading to operational excellence and real cost savings. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss.

What our clients are saying

The material (from CutPoint’s seminars) will improve productivity by explaining to personnel what their objectives are as far as solids removal.

It changed my whole view of solids control.

This useful info will be passed on to our field personnel.


Use the form to the right to get started, and one of our team members will be in touch with you.
Use the form below to get started, and one of our team members will be in touch with you.


Request Information on one our Solids Control Seminars or schedule in-house Training

  • Learn how to use mud report data to assess solids control performance
  • Understand how low gravity solids concentration and haul-off ratio relates to drill solids removal efficiency.
  • Focus on the tangible savings that can be realized by “running the backyard by the numbers”

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  • Help your solids control / waste management service providers deliver uniform and consistent performance
  • Standardize solids control operations on proven best practices
  • Apply meaningful metrics to assess service company performance
  • Manage the drill mud component of drilling waste generated


Our solids control consultants introduce significant – and immediately visible – cost reductions in drilling mud losses and waste management. Services include coaching, evaluation of solids control practices, writing procedures & requests for proposals (RFP’s), and bottom line cost reductions.



Send your Rig Superintendents to our training so that he or she will make a more informed decision about hiring solids control and avoid paying too much. Our 2-day training includes lab work and economics of solids control. Topics include safety, how to read a mud report, costs vs. benefits and much more.


Download Our Dilution Calculator App

iPhone using Dilution Calculator app“Dilution Calc” provides a quick and simple means to estimate base oil dilution requirements for a drilling interval based on well geometry, solids removal efficiency, LGS concentration in the drill mud, and the volume of mud lost with cuttings.



Complimentary Resources

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Gravimetric 50 ml with Topping Fluid for Cutting-Analysis

LGS Concentration Equation Derivation

Table of 23 Equations for Solids Control

Oil drilling pond tower

Multi-Discipline Consulting

  • Detailed written reports and operating procedures
  • CAD drawings and design in Autocad
  • Analysis of rotating equipment, pumps, and piping for mechanical treatment, mixing, and handling of drilling fluids, commercial mud additives, and drill cuttings
  • Equipment specification and selection to meet anticipated drilling conditions
  • Process specialists for decanting centrifuges, flocculation of water base fluids, dewatering, solids control and cuttings handling for oil base cuttings

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